Paolo Signore - stream of consciousness

oil on canvas
Making art is, mybe most of all, an act of freedom. And what greater freedom than facing a white canvas and painting it, leaving instinct and your unconscious flow, without remorse or cunning? This way Stream of consciousness was born. Silence. The light comes timidly into the room. It is now a festive day afternoon. You sit down slowly like in a ritual. In front of you a white canvas, a window on the world, or on yourself. You look at her. Motionless. As if you had to snap on a prey. You do not intend to dominate the canvas, but rather abandon yourself to her, traveling in this way, random, slowly, in color and form, without thinking about anything. And then it becomes an adventure. You give the first stroke almost random. The second. And then you leave, one color after another, with the only concern to enjoy the gesture, the effect of the combinations, the pure pleasure of beauty that gradually, almost by chance, takes shape from your hands ... You stop. Look how it is. But you do not actually observe; you are just collecting the energies, driving away the thoughts to give free rein to what you have inside. Resume ... You stop again. It is a free space and time, empty. The more time passes, the more the work magically takes shape ... and at that moment you start to get excited. You do not feel tired even after hours and hours (you will feel it all later). Notice a nuance, a hue, a shine ... at that point the reasoning triggers, and maybe you can fix it on time. But you have to resist: maintain a high rate of unconsciousness to still produce beauty. It's like a rally in an unknown land. Curves, bumps, climbs and descents. Accelerations and slowdowns. Surprise, pleasure, emotion. Because you like. You like it to die for. Because a beautiful thing is being born, that was not there before. And you're creating it ...
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