lara bobbio - ICONIC ACTIVITIES[[]]0131

digital ph-digital processing
ICON[[]]MUTANT IDENTITIES Collective unconscious Sedimentation of the world of experience Collective in search of bodies in which to transfer Identity-representation Self-representation Body snatchers of an after-world that communicates on networks of mutations Reproduction of the self-creation-body Contemporary icons, representation of an artificial human condition Multi-identity Altered perceptions Construction codes of identity Emotional anesthesia Fragmented identity Extreme experience of the body which becomes the site of the mutation. Bodies that mutate to the point of losing the memory of itself. Mutant meat Interfaced organs SOCIAL BODIES CONTAGION Faced with the proliferation of polyform subjects able to communicate with the newly mutated horizon, the ability to take on multiple identities, creates new flesh, new bodies, places of experimentation of altered visions. LRJLB[[]] DIGITAL PH. STILL-Barbie and Object DIGITAL PROCESSING
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