Jing Yan - LE 8 PORTE

When do you open a door to get somewhere or some time? It can make you have a lot of delusions. This piece consists of a device and a video. "Door" ---- Between opening and closing, you may want to see someone or return to a time, or something else. Between coming and going, have you ever wondered where we are from or where we are going, thinking about ourselves, and between ourselves and others? I don't want to interpret more time because everyone has their own understanding. Indeed, sometimes I think it is cruel and can take everything, no matter how you want to cherish him; sometimes he feels good again, there are some good things at that particular time until she disappears in this world, but Those parts of time that are fragmented exist in memory. Therefore, feel all about it, no matter what form he appears in, just as when we were eating carefully. Maybe that door will be hope? When you get lost, open your heart, because everyone you know or someone you know will make you change. And we seem to have been led by something. Why not follow your heart to do what you really want to do, and only once in a lifetime. Is there courage to open?
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