O. Yemi Tubi - The violinist

Oil on canvas
O. Yemi loves the works of Spanish surreal artists like Salvador Dali’s “Butterfly windmills” and Italian artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo’s “The Librarian.” He loves to create works from his own imagination that are not really real. Looking at the picture of a young lady on his church’s notice board, O. Yemi was inspired to do this painting. This young lady is a violinist in the church worship choir and O. Yemi chose to use her musical instrument to paint her portrait. Tackling this project was a bit challenging for O. Yemi; he wants the portrait to be real likeness of the young lady and violin in the painting to be real as well. O. Yemi faced the dilemma of fussing both images together. He needs to decide to use the skin colour of the lady or the brown wood colour of the violin. His first attempt to fuss the image of the young lady and the violin together graphically looked grotesque. To rescue the aesthetic beauty of the work, O. Yemi substituted Tailpiece of the violin for the nose of the young lady and the Bridge of the violin for the teeth of the young lady. To complete the storyline of this painting, O. Yemi uses musical notes as the hair coming out from the violin and the sky at the background were dotted with musical notes.
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